7 Practical Ways to Invite Someone to “Journey Through Bethlehem”

It is hard to believe that Journey Through Bethlehem is just a few short weeks away!  It feels like only yesterday that Pastor stood before us on Vision Night in January and announced this special “Outside These Walls” event.
Our number one goal for Journey Through Bethlehem is to see those who come onto our campus receive the gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ!  We also desire for our community to sense and know the true love of Christ through the wonderful people of Calvary Baptist Church.
If you are like me, talking to someone that you completely do not know is sometimes awkward and uneasy.  However, God desires that we reach everyone with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Here are just a few practical ways you can personally invite someone to Journey Through Bethlehemon December 15-17.

1. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-through line and ask the drive-through
    employee to hand them an invite card, (and then give one to the drive-through employee! J)
2. Go through your neighborhood and deliver cookies or a Christmas snack with an invite card attached.
3. Find someone at work and take them a cup of coffee, pay for their lunch, or take them   their favorite snack. Then give them an invite card.
4. Put out invite cards at an approved area at your work place, business, or restaurant.
5. “Share” the Journey Through Bethlehem event on all your social media outlets --
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
6. Whether you’re out shopping, gassing up your car, eating at a restaurant, or grabbing some coffee, odds are, you’ll interact with someone whom you could invite. Take a quick moment and give them an invite card.
7. Text, call, or email all your friends and family members that live close by and invite them.

Pastor Broyhill often says, “It takes team work to make the dream work.” The Journey Through Bethlehem will only be successful if we work as a team. Let’s do all we can during these next weeks to reach souls for Jesus Christ!

Will you do your part by going Outside These Walls?

Brother Thomas Delp
John 3:30
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